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Why Europe for your next education destination ?

About Europe

There are number of upsides for choosing to study in Europe such as High Quality Education, Lower tuition fees,  better funding options, scholarship opportunities, and  prospects of settlement, etc. Europe offers plenty of English Programmes against the common misconception.  However, it is advisable to learn basics of the language of your chosen country. By taking the FREE Foreign University Basic Package, HOPE will guide you through the entire process for FREE assisting you to know better about Why to Choose Europe! Learn more about education in Europe by scrolling below. 

Piazza San Marco Venice
Lower Tuition Fees

When compared with other countries like USA, UK and Canada, other European Nations have comparatively low tuition fees. In countries like Germany public universities have low to no tuition fees.  Learn more by applying for our free basic package.

More Opportunities 

Europe provides uncountable opportunities for work, both part time and full time. After studying from a European Nation, you have the easy options to settle in the country of your post graduation or switch to other European Countries including easy entry to English Speaking Countries. The prospects of continuing for Doctoral and further studies are also higher in Europe. 

Robust Education System

Europe is globally recognised for its unique academic excellence. Europe has some of the best globally recognised universities. Because history of Europe, there wide range of education options providing unfathomable exposure and opportunities. 

Better Funding Options

Europe has more funding options when compared to other English Speaking Nations, including more University centric scholarships, Government Scholarships and other Funding Sources. The prospect of covering living allowance into the scholarship grant is also larger in European Nations. 

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