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About ERLR

ERLR is an online bi-annual peer reviewed open- access law journal with 2 Issues per year. The Journal focuses and revolves around contemporary or important Socio-legal issues and topics and is not restricted to any particular field or subject of law.

The first bi-annual issue of ERLR is published in the month of June whereas the second is published in the month of December of each year.

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The Journal strives to promote interdisciplinary research entailing detailed study of law with other disciplines in the contemporary era, or analyze the prevailing socio-legal status quo suggesting ways forward by way of case analysis, studies, articles and research papers.


ERLR strives to provide a platform wherein every stakeholder can get a voice to express their thoughts/ concerns and contribute towards a stimulating and engaging intellectual thought-space, which may be used as an assistance by anyone aiming to achieve an understanding, knowledge or expertise in the socio-legal domain.

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