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Aims & Objectives of ERLR

The main focus of the Journal includes highlighting the need of practical interpretation and implementation of laws, legal issues and policy making that would go in line with the changing needs of the Society, thereby catering to ignite ideas and interpretations in long run. ERLR also strives to achieve the following objectives through promotion of and exchange of research:

  • Understanding socio-economic phenomenon and its interplay with law and policymaking.

  • Develop a holistic and multifaceted approach towards the complex issues of today’s society through interdisciplinary and comparative research.

  • Creating awareness and engagement with complex contemporary issues and providing a recourse thereof.

  • Stimulating legal intellect, critical analysis and quality research by promoting and rewarding original research works.  

  • Offering an interactive forum for exchange of thoughts and opinions amongst the scholars.

  • Reaching a wide readership including legal academics, philosophers, criminologists, anthropologists, sociologists, historians, political scientists, legal practitioners and others.

  • Respecting academic freedom in all its activities.

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