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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

EduNational is a one destination solution to provide complete career assistance finely curated based on your individual needs. From vocation training, educational counselling to CV Assistance to 360 Degree Higher Education Assistance, we have your back in all. Our specialization is all round assistance in Higher Education Overseas starting from Language Test to Final VISA Assistance, till you reach your destination. 


What Makes Us Different?

At EduNational, we understand how precious your Dream are to you, and we are here for assisting you in realizing them. Unlike others, we will never confine your choices to a limited sets of options tagging them 'leading'. You have the complete choice to decide your journey. Whether it is the country, the field, or the finances. You convey your choice to us and let us curate the complete assistance package for you. P.S. You can always ask us to narrow down the options for you :P 

Abstract Background

Our Story

The story of EduNational brewed on a rainy evening where the existing state of Higher Education Assistance was being evaluated by two legal professionals, eyeing an education abroad for themselves. That's when we realised that making a career decision is very subjective and there cannot be a straight-jacket formula that fits all. We then decided to cater to the personal requirements of each aspiring individual in their journeys to desirous career, with the hope to facilitate and reduce all anxious roads that may come in their way. Welcome to our small world of HOPE!

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