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Complete Assistance Package

The complete assistance master package for the smoothest journey to your destination with maximum savings.

Number of Usage
Validity Time
Apply to 5 Universities
Valid for 1 Year
INR 22,890/-

In our complete assistance package, the client will get the full range of services and will receive assistance for application to 5 universities across the GLOBE at the maximum discount. The package will include IELTS Lectures, Complete Guide to Foreign Universities, Personalised SOP Writing and Reference Writing, CV vetting, all round Insurance assistance, Complete Application to the desired Universities and complete VISA Assistance. We have your back from selection to destination. From choosing the University or making the first decision to study abroad, to applying and providing assistance with all necessary documents, finalising your application, getting your Visa, getting your insurance, getting your flight, assisting in your accommodation, food, transportation and sorting out part time jobs for you, we will have your back making sure you settle smoothly.

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